Mantel Camino de culebra

Mantel Camino de culebra

$12,182.00 MXN

Exclusive textile piece for Ensamble Artesano made by artisan women from the Huixtán community in the state of Chiapas. The tablecloth is made of three canvases woven on a pedal loom with cotton threads, the base of the fabric is striped in white and gray. The central canvas decorated with snakeskin path brocade characteristic of the region in black, gray and white and the lateral canvases that frame the brocade hand-tied with a beige hanging chain.

Available for immediate dispatch.

TECHNIQUE: Pedal loom

Material : Industrial cotton
Color : White,/gray/black.
Measurements : Length: 360 cm, width: 210 cm

SKU: 7502293022552

1 piece available

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